Update // More tickets are now available.

Join us on July 20 in London Irish Centre for a talk entitled “Radical Politics, the 8th, and LGBT activism in RoI 1973-90”. The talk will be delivered by Maurice J Casey, from the Faculty of History, University of Oxford.

This talk explores radical politics and the early Irish LGBT movement. Ireland’s recent referendums, Marriage Equality and the Repeal of the 8th amendment, have been seen as victories for progressive politics in Ireland.

It will discuss the intertwined history behind these two moments of major change by considering how the 1983 campaign against the 8th amendment influenced the campaign for LGBT rights in Ireland.

Additionally, the influence of feminist, socialist and republican politics on early LGBT activism in Ireland will be explored

*Due to huge interest, more tickets are now available..
Tickets are free but must be booked through Eventbrite.

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