Podcast // Our Story – Episode 2: Derek’s Story


In this episode of Our Story, we chat to Derek. Derek was born in Dublin in the 1970’s and has lived outside Ireland all of his adult life.

This is a podcast series where we speak to members of the London Irish LGBTQ community. We feel that it is important to document our lives, our experiences and our history. Even more so now when more and more things in life are transient.

If you’re Irish, in London and a member of the LGBTQ community we would love to chat to you. Don’t worry, you can be anonymous, we won’t reveal your name. You can get in touch through our contact page or through Facebook or Twitter.

Our Story, our history, our lives from Ireland to London. This podcast series is produced by the London Irish LGBT Network with the help of the Emigrant Support Program and with special thanks to the Embassy of Ireland in Great Britain.

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