Event: Friends of Rio Rita by Colm Clifford

Friends of Rio Rita

London Irish LGBT Network are holding a reading of the play, “Rio Rita” at the Lewisham Irish Centre on Saturday 15th Sept at 4pm followed by a social.

Friends of Rio Rita was written by Colm Clifford aka Colm O’Clubhan Colm died in 1989 from AIDS.

Before his death, Colm was awarded the Hennessy Prize for writing.

Thanks to Lewisham Irish Centre for the use of the venue and Lewisham LGBT Forum for their co-operation. Entry is free.

About Colm Clifford:

Colm Clifford came to London in 1973 and quickly involved himself in radical LGBT politics. Colm was very much involved in the establishing of Radical LGBT and Theatre Groups such as Brixton Faeries.

He became active in housing politics, especially squatting and later housing co-ops including LGBT Public Housing. From the late 70s through to the 80s he was active in Irish Republican politics.

Colm wrote many of Brixton Faeries’ early theatre works. He then spent a time in Barcelona where he wrote some of his best theatre. Works were later performed in London’s Fringe.

He was awarded a the esteemed Hennessy Prize for Most Promising New Irish Writer.

Colm died in 1989, just as his writing was becoming known and widely reviewed. There was a reading from his play, ‘Friends of Ri Rita’, which played to packed audiences in Dublin. There is also significant interest in his work from the United States. There has been major academic research into his theatre and political background from the University of South Carolina.

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