Virtual Event: An Evening with Veda Lady and Robbie Lawlor from Poz Vibe

We’re delighted to announce that our next event will be held on November 23rd at 8pm.

Get ready for an evening with Veda Lady and Robbie Lawlor from Poz Vibe. This is set to be a truly wonderful evening with the hosts of the Poz Vibe Podcast, a podcast for people living with HIV, their friends, family, and allies.

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Agenda for our AGM

So as you know, our online AGM is on tomorrow, October 25th at 8pm. If you haven’t already, please do register for a FREE ticket. This is so we can ensure a safe space for all participants.

You can register here.

Reminder about proceedings:

If you have anything you want to bring up, would like to add or have anything in particular you would like discussed please email: This is so we can add your topic to the ‘Any Other Business’ part of the evening.

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Hannah’s Story: Life would Be Boring If We Were All The Same…

For Pride month, we asked some of our members if they would like to tell their story and why they are proud. If you would like to contribute, please email 

Here’s another of these stories but first, grab yourself a cuppa.

Life would Be Boring If We Were All The Same…

by Hannah Doran

I always knew I was different. And I thought I knew why. None of my friends had Irish blood, none of them were dragged off to church on a Sunday, nor were they aware of the mythical lands that are the County Mayo. I had somehow escaped being sent to the local Catholic schools. That’s why I knew I was different, oh and being the product of an act of parliament but that’s another story. And I conned myself into believing that because that was the easy way out even through it didn’t address the simple fact that I wanted to be a girl.

My childhood at times was quite lonely, yes I had friends but few of them were really close. I struggled to fit in at times simply because I didn’t fit in. I knew that I would have been much happier French skipping with the girls instead of half-heartedly chasing a football around at Junior school. And then there was that small question of why I was on the only ‘boy’ who didn’t mind wearing a dress in the school play. Oh and that other question that kept coming up…”Why couldn’t I have just been born a girl?”

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Virtual Event: A Celebration of Our Trans Community

London Irish LGBT Network are delighted to bring you ‘A Celebration of Our Trans Community’ on Wednesday February 24th at 8pm.

Over the course of the evening, we will hear from representatives from TransActual and TENI (Transgender Equality Network of Ireland) about their work and how they support our Trans Community. We will also hear personal accounts.

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