Conference // LGBT Equality & Ireland – Past and Present


Join us on November 1st for a conference brought to you in conjunction with Irish in Britain, entitled ‘LGBT Equality & Ireland – Past and Present’

This conference will examine two main issues central to the Irish LGBTQ community in Britain – marriage equality in Northern Ireland and the history and role of Irish LGBTQ people in Britain over the decades.

Morning Session

We will be examining the situation in Northern Ireland that has led to a position where it is the only place in these islands where LGBTQ people cannot mark their relationships by marrying. The DUP have consistently blocked this happening in the Assembly and since the Assembly has not met, the UK government has refused to intervene leaving thousands without their rights.

The morning session will be Chaired by Professor Daniel Monk, who was one of the first members of the Birkbeck Institute of Gender and Sexuality (BIGS) established in 2008 and was the Director from 2012-2015.

Speakers addressing this issue will be :

Conor McGinn Labour MP for St Helens

Clare Moore – Love Equality

Elisha McCallion MP Sinn Fein

Afternoon Session

The afternoon session will address the history of Irish LGBTQ people in Britain – what were the problems they faced in trying to recognise both their sexuality and nationality in Britain and what were the issues that led them to leave Ireland in the first place?

Speakers include:

Dr David Shaw from Liverpool University’s Institute of Irish Studies who has written a book about the Irish political experience in Britain since the 1940s. He will be addressing the issues of how the AIDS epidemic in Ireland and the Save Ulster from Sodomy campaign in Northern Ireland led to significant emigration from both parts of Ireland.

Dr Joanne McCarthy, Co-author of Identity Formation and Conflict in Older Irish Gay Men.

Other speakers will turn their attention to the psychological situation of LGBTQ Irish people living in another country and experiencing various forms of alienation as well as a rejection of the mainstream Irish community because of experiences in Ireland.

This conference promises to break new ground and three years after the marriage equality referendum in the Republic will ask the question whether Ireland has really changed and what impact this has on the lives of Irish LGBTQ people living in Britain.

Hosted by Irish in Britain and the London Irish LGBT Network

Ticket cost covers cost of refreshments throughout the day as well as lunch. If you have any specific dietary requirements please do let Ann Gould know in advance ASAP.

London Irish LGBT Network represent and campaign on behalf of the Irish LGBT diaspora community to help develop a broader more inclusive Irish diaspora community across Britain.

We create opportunities through regular cultural and social events and activities for the Irish LGBT community to engage and support each other as part of the wider Irish community in London and Britain.

You can get tickets here:

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