Awareness Session: Potential for housing options for older LGBTQ people

Join us on Wednesday January 27th at 7pm.

The London Irish LGBT Network are delighted to host an awareness raising session about the potential for housing options for older LGBTQ communities.

This will be an open session providing an opportunity to hear about some examples of housing schemes being planned or progressed.

We will hear from two speakers about schemes they are involved in, followed by a Q&A session.

We look forward to hearing from:

  • Bob Green OBE, former CEO of Stonewall Housing, now with LGBT Foundation, Manchester
  • Amanda Girling-Budd, London Older Lesbian CoHousing Group – speaking on their progress on their scheme with L&Q housing association.

We’d also love to hear from you if you’ve been involved in a LGBTQ housing project, it would be great to have your input on the night.

In order to ensure a safe space for our community, we ask that you register for the event.

You can do so on Eventbrite or via the widget below.

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