2022 Membership Fees

As part of our voting system at our AGM, it was previously recommended that all Irish groups and societies have a minimal membership fee.

Obviously, as our AGM this year will be a virtual one, it’s kinda hard to be able to get a pound coin from people.

So, we’ve decided to go with an ‘Honour Code’ system as we have done for the past couple of years. We’ll leave the link here for you to pay £5 membership or whatever you can afford.

Over the past year, we have been exceptionally lucky to receive a grant from the Emigrant Support Programme. This year, this pays for our web hosting and domain as well as our Zoom costs for meetings. However, we don’t have any extra money for any incidentals that may occur. This is what we use our membership monies for.


PayPal Logo

The first way of giving us money is through Paypal.

You can click the link paypal.me/lilgbt and pay us £5.00 or whatever you can afford.


You may have heard of Patreon, a system where content creators or organisations can have a subscription where you get videos/blogs/perks earlier than everyone else. We chose Ko-fi as it allows a one off payment without the need for a subscription. By choosing Ko-fi for this, it means we don’t have to pay a percentage of what we will potentially collect, unlike other systems. Using Ko-fi we can also have £1 as our main payment amount, can this way we can have the amount we need for legitimacy.

You can find our page here https://ko-fi.com/londonirishlgbt

You will need to sign in to be able to pay any monies.

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