Agenda for AGM 2022

illustration of an online meeting

Our AGM takes place tomorrow night at 8pm. It’s an online event. You can register for your FREE ticket here.

Reminder about proceedings:

If you have anything you want to bring up, would like to add or have anything, in particular, you would like discussed please email: This is so we can add your topic to the ‘Any Other Business’ part of the evening.

Membership Honour Code

To vote in our committee elections, you have to be a member of the London Irish LGBT Network. This requires a membership fee. This year, we suggest that our membership is £5. However, we do not want this to inhibit anyone from joining so. So, it’s £5 or whatever you can afford. This membership fee will pay for things like Zoom, to enable us to continue our online meet ups.

The easiest way for us to then collect membership is through Paypal or KoFi

PayPal Logo

The first way of giving us money is through Paypal.

You can click the link and pay us £5.00 or whatever you can.

You may have heard of Patreon, a system where content creators or organisations can have a subscription where you get videos/blogs/perks earlier than everyone else. We chose Ko-fi as it allows a one-off payment without needing a subscription. By choosing Ko-fi for this, it means we don’t have to pay a percentage of what we will potentially collect, unlike other systems. Using Ko-fi we can also have £1 as our main payment amount, so we can have the amount we need for legitimacy.

You can find our page here

You will need to sign in to be able to pay £5 or whatever you can.

Unfortunately, there are a few steps to take for you to do this, but we wanted to ensure that there were a couple of options for you.

Getting more involved?

Heads up! If you would like to get more involved in the group or stand for a committee position, we are asking all potential officers, including our current committee, to say a few words about themselves. We don’t want to catch anyone off guard.


So the evening will start at 8pm. We will be online from about 7.55. Do not panic, you will click the Zoom link you will enter a waiting room, and then be allowed to enter by our host. If you have any issues, please email:

  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. Speaker from the ‘Disregard and Redress Advisory Group’ joining us to tell us a little about what they’re doing.
  3. Chair’s Report
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Any other business and details of our November meet up
  6. Election of committee
  7. Ends

The Agenda may change to include another speaker before the Chair’s report, that’s subject to time zone availability. But please, if you have anything you would like to discuss please send it to

See you all tomorrow!

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